I had a problem. I had a web app I had built a few people had tried to signup for it and where getting an error. I got sent a few messages about it and went right away to check it out and I could log in but I couldn't sign up for it. I spent the next while trouble shooting thinking I had done something wrong. Turns out it was a problem in Windows Azure all the time but I didn't know about it.


CloudStatus came from this problem. The information is there publicly and available but it's not in places I need it to inform me without looking for it.

CloudStatus does that. It monitors feeds and when there is an event on a feed I want it emails me and also posts to a slack channel.

How it works

You can create as many alerts as you want. An alert will allow you to monitor different feeds.

You can add up to 4 additional email addresses to an alert. Meaning that these other emails will get an alert.

You can use a web hook to post the message to slack or any other Web hook as long as it takes the same format as Slack.

When a service posts a new issue or event to it's feed we then take that alert and send it on.

CloudStatus Pro costs EUR 5.99 that's less than netflix or spotify and more useful. You can know what could be happening to the infrastructure you use to build you app.

Services we monitor