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.NET Core: Browser Link

Adding BrowserLink support to your .NET Core application. Reload the browser when your make changes to the CSS or JS.

Saying hello to Actor Models in .NET

In this post I'm going to lay the ground work for some work I have coming on distributed systems and some of the really cool things I've been doing for the last while with different actor model systems, I've been…

This is a bit about Timezones with NodaTime as a C# developer

It's every developers horror story. TIMEZONES!!! It's something that should work really well but never does. In this post I'm going to spend some time exploring Nodatime and it's timezone class and how it works. It does a really good…

Create PFX Certificate on Windows

A while back I had a post where I talked about setting up .net core in docker using SSL and a HTTPS port you can read that here To make a .net core project work on a HTTPS port you…