I've been finding some really great developer newsletters so I decided to build a list. If there is anything that should be here or you think I should check out let me know @jamesmkenny

The Changelog

Link: https://changelog.com/

Topics Covered: A wide ranging and rambling (that's a good thing) newsletter on everything and anything, mostly focused on OSS and softskills. Always something interesting in the newsletter.

Also a nightly newletter for new and noteworthy Github repos https://changelog.com/nightly

Signup: https://changelog.com/weekly

Frequency: Weekly, usually Saturday but sometimes it arrives on Sunday

TypeScript weekly

Link: https://www.typescript-weekly.com/

Topics: A great collection of Typescript articles. Curated by @mariusschulz there are always some really great and interesting articles on things people are doing with Typescript. Marius does a great job finding some really good posts.

Signup: https://www.typescript-weekly.com/

Frequency: Weekly, Friday.

Javascript weekly

Link: http://javascriptweekly.com/

Topics: If you haven't guessed it. This is Javascript, a whole bunch of javascript goodness curated by @peterc

Signup: http://javascriptweekly.com/

Frequency: Weekly, Thursday

ASP.NET weekly

Link: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/aspnetweekly

Topics: A curated list of ASP.net goodies. Some must read links in this newsletter, news and blog posts from around the web.

Signup: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/aspnetweekly

Frequency: Weekly.

Dotnet Weekly

Link: https://www.dotnetweekly.com/

Topics: A great set of articles and links for dot net, shows off the wide ranging nature of dot net. Also includes a list of some Libraries and Tools.

Signup: https://www.dotnetweekly.com/

Frequency: Weekly, Wednesday

Ember Weekly

Link: http://emberweekly.com/

Topics: It's all emberjs, news and some really great articles for how people are using EmberJs in the wild, curated by Owain @owz

Signup: http://emberweekly.com/

Frequency: Weekly, although there has been a gap, Tuesday / Wednesday.

Machine Learnings

Link: http://machinelearnings.co/

Topics: All about machine learning. Curated by @SamDeBrule a really nice newsletter a bit different from the others but well worth a look if your interested in learning more about machine learning. Love the Awesome and not Awesome section.

Signup: http://machinelearnings.co/

Frequency: Weekly, Monday Morning, Sunday evening depending on your time zone.

Node weekly

Link: http://nodeweekly.com/

Topics: It's nodejs. I think it's curated by @peterc again but it's a great list of posts and content around node.

Signup: http://nodeweekly.com/

Frequency: Weekly, Thursday

Go Weekly

Link: http://golangweekly.com/

Topics: Some really great content around Go. Curated by @peterc it's a great list of posts and content around Go.

Signup: http://golangweekly.com/

Frequency: Weekly, Thursday


Link: http://www.ng-newsletter.com/

Topics: All about Angular JS.

Signup: http://www.ng-newsletter.com/

Frequency: Weekly

Not a newsletter but worth a mention

The Morning brew

Link: http://blog.cwa.me.uk/

Topics: Dotnet news every morning, from around the web, curated by Chris Alcock, it's a great set of links everymorning into your inbox. Chris does a great job of finding some interesting things going on in Dotnet.

It's a must in my Rss everymorning.

Frequency: Every weekday

I'll add more to this post as I find more if you have any suggestions let me know @jamesmkenny