Audience, The Journey from 0 to 100 paying users starts here.

By James Kenny
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This is the first post in a series I am planning to make, as I grow Audience from 0 to 100 paying users. To reach that goal I have a plan and I'll be sharing that journey. What works! What doesn't! What I learn as I go!

At the moment are three main pillars to my strategy.

  • Newsletter
  • Marketing by Engineering
  • Content Marketing


Audience is a newsletter platform so it kind of needs a newsletter of it's own. I don't plan on making a newsletter just about using Audience, that will be in some parts of it but the Audience newsletter will be a marketing focused newsletter, it will lean towards newsletters, writing, building an audience, branding, etc.

It will be a monthly newsletter. I was thinking about weekly or every 2 weeks but I think a monthly could work really well and also allow me time to build and make progress over the month.

I'll share blog posts from Audience's own blog and curate interesting things I find around the internet that are related to marketing. It will also have insights into how I'm marketing Audience.

Marketing by Engineering

There are some features I haven't added to Audience yet. I will be building in these features in and using them as a way to create content around the new features.

Including features like:

  • Unsubscribe headers
  • Referral system
  • Shared previews
  • Public newsletters
  • Welcome emails
  • Form builder

The idea behind this is simple, as I build these features I talk about them, I share the spec and the design, even the decision making about how I build these features.

Taking feedback not just from users but anyone that wants to share some insights and ideas.

The goal is to help build the brand, build in public but also share some cool features that are going into audience. It can help build excitement and get people interested in Audience and what it can offer and do for them.  

Plus because I have decided to try and build a newsletter using Audience I can focus on features to make that process easier and build these out for anyone that wants to use Audience.

Content Marketing

The core part of any good marketing strategy is CONTENT! It's king you know.

The goal of content marketing is to provide value, warm up leads and get people interested in what you are selling.

This isn't my first time building, launching or growing a business so over the years I have read and collected a lot of interesting things on marketing, writing, etc. The idea I have is to curate a lot of that information craft articles that share useful actionable tips and ideas.

The content I publish won't just be focused on newsletters or just using Audience, that will be a part of it of course, but the idea will be to write marketing posts that cover a few areas and topics and some times  I might switch it up for a few weeks at a time and focus down on certain topics or on a particular niche and to provide value for a that market.

I'm still refining the schedule of posts I will be working on and publishing in the first few weeks but my aim will be to publish at least 1 post a week. These will be included in the newsletter.

As always thank you for reading and your support over the last while. I'll have more updates soon so stay tuned.

Last Update: March 16, 2022

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